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Panning photography: How to take clear pictures

Panning in photography is among of the most well-known ways to create a sense of motion and speed within your photos. This guide will teach you how to panning your camera, moving it either from right to left or right to left, while the camera’s base is set for dramatic action photos.

Panning in photography can create the illusion of motion in the action photos through blurring the background, while keeping your subject in focus.

Most effective camera settings for panning
Mode of exposure the mode of Shutter Priority
Shutter Speed 1/20sec to 1/50sec in most cases
Drive mode: Continuous shooting
“Focus Mode Manual
Longitude of focal from wide-angle to mid-range zoom (10-20mm or 24-70mm)
Keep in mind that these settings are only beginning points. Try a couple of test photos and check how sharp your subject appears and the amount of motion blur within the background. If your subject is blurred, raise the speed of your shutter. If your background appears too crisp, lower the speed of your shutter.

Use your shutter Priority mode however, to guarantee a consistent shutter speed. By using the Aperture Priority mode allows you to change the shutter speed in order so that you can maintain an even aperture. However, to ensure consistency it is essential to use an identical shutter speed across the pan. This is the reason why Shutter Priority is vital.

Photos of sample including camera setting to suit every situation
What should you pay attention to when panning?
We recommended using Manual Focus in our best camera settings section in the previous paragraph, however there are two methods to focus while panning. Autofocus or manual. This article will discuss when you should apply both.

Manual focus is a good option to panning
Focusing manually gives you more predictable results, but it will be a bit challenging and requires some patience. Manual focus is best used when you have a good idea of the subject’s an even distance from you and can anticipate the direction of its movement. The cycling and racing of cars are excellent instances. It is certain that they will be further away than the track. They are traveling in the identical direction. You are able to pinpoint a particular location along the track, and then sit back and watch them go by.

How to utilize autofocus when panning
The use of AF-Pan could result in mixed results when you’re not moving at the correct pace to focus the moving object, however in general, you should use autofocus when the subject’s movement is in erratic manners. When this occurs, follow your subject by using the AF-C. Most cameras today have advanced subjects tracking and recognition functions, which simplify the task than it was before.

How can I improve my camera’s quality improve?
The best shutter speed to panning
Use these shutter speeds while panning through these typical topics. Adjust them to your liking as required.

Joggers – 1/20sec
Cyclists ascending uphill in 1/30sec
Cyclists descend downhill in 1/100 second
Old cars – 1:50sec
Horse racing – 1/50sec
Motorbikes – 1/250sec
F1 cars – 1:500sec
Drag racing – 1/1000sec
Discover which cameras offer the highest fps when during burst-mode.

What is the best way to pan your camera
The frame should be large enough that there is plenty of room for your subject to move quickly.
The shutter button should be pressed at the exact moment they reach your location on the track.
Make sure you have a broad stance. make a 90-degree bend using your upper body.
You can move your body from right to left, or left to right and follow your subject’s movements.
Shoot in a continuous fashion throughout the motion.
Keep moving Be sure to not stop abruptly otherwise it could ruin the motion blur.
How do you position yourself to begin panning
The further away your subject is located from your body, the more slowly it’ll appear to be going. This makes it simpler to follow your pan moves.

The position you choose to stand in will obviously influence the lens you choose to panning. If you want to get the most results, place yourself further away from the camera and opt for an extended lens like 70-200mm.

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