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How to improve the memory card storage life

You’re not sure if the memory cards are working in the way they are supposed to? It’s a good idea to check that all the components of your card are functioning exactly as it ought to.

The very first and not technical, step is giving the card a one-time test. This guide is taking a look at this Pergear CFExpress 128GB Card. It’s been in use for a month, but it has only gone through the process of testing which means it’s somewhat damaged than cards that’s this old would normally have to.

I’ve been quite careless with the card in my own way and put it in my purse or putting it in the bag of a kit, and then letting it sit around to be exposed to elements. The card passed the test with flying colors However, has this abuse had an effect on its performance?

On the outside, it appears clean however, there are scratches and is in decent sufficient good condition.

If I give the card a glance I’m able to verify that every seam is securing perfectly and there is nothing with the construction is off.

It’s an CFExpress card. The style and construction of that I’ve seen thus far has been quite solid.

However, SD cards vary greatly in terms of quality. All contain a tiny piece of plastic running down the contact. It is known for ripping off. A good way to check the condition of an SD is to ensure the plastic is not damaged.

The latest CFExpress cards do not come without problem. The grub and the fluff get in the contact port. So it is evident when you do a quick examination.

If you’re satisfied that your card’s authenticity is in good shape, put it into a card reader, and then use an app like Blackmagic Disk Speed Test to test the speed.

The cards degrade with time Don’t be amazed to find that the card’s rating is below the stated speed of writing and reading.

In the process of testing on the Pergear CFExpress 128GB model, it’s still working well, and has transfer speeds that are similar to when it was new.

Making use of using the Disk Speed Test is a fantastic way to assess the overall health of your card. Take a look at a card while it’s brand new, and again at least every 3 months to determine the condition of your card. If you notice drastic drops in performance, you are aware that it’s time to replace.

The good news is that it’s a good thing that the Pergear CFE-B Lite 128GB card works in similar lines to the day it was received. But, I would like to keep it running for longer and ensure that it performs in the best way in the long run.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s CFExpress, SD or another type of format, the concept of care for your cards is exactly the same. Take care of the card, and adhere to a few easy steps that will supply security and reliable storage for years to come.

Make sure it is secure
Do not just put the Pergear CFExpress card in the back compartment of your backpack. put it in a safe card slot or a card wallet to maximize its security.

Make sure it is clear and properly formatted.
When you’ve completed photographs, transfer the files of your images using the Pergear CFExpress onto an external backup device, such as that of GNARBOX 2.0. This way, if something happens to the card there is a backup.

Avoid exposing the item to extreme temperatures.
Although the most recent cards are built to stand up to extreme temperatures like -10oC to 70oC on the Pergear CFExpress long-term exposure could cause damage to the card. Insuring the card is within a protected case can be a great alternative.

Always keep an extra backup.
At PS119 at the time The Pergear was affordable compared to Manfrotto 128GB CFExpess for PS149 however, that’s quite a bit of dollars. To ensure you’re on the right aspect, consider purchasing two 128GB cards instead than one of 256GB so that there’s always a backup.

Organise yourself
It’s a simple housekeeping task, yet essential to ensure the long-term durability of memory cards. It is important to keep your card storage clean and ready to use is a breeze using the steps below.

Place your cards into holders for cards when they are not when not in use
After you’ve inserted the card into the camera, prepare the card by using the camera’s menu system
Following the shooting, you can download the video and image files to a separate drive for backup; I recommend using the GNARBOX 2.0
After you return back home, transfer all the files on the card to your personal computer to review. Also, if you’ve gone through pictures on the GNARBOX 2.0 move them to your desktop.
Make sure you format your memory cards, and then replace them in the card holder you have chosen to go the next time. Always there should be two copies of the files you have.
Check your photos and eliminate those you do not need.
Save the files on a backup drive, like one like the WD MyBook Duo.
Make use of an online backup solution like BackBlaze for an online copy backup of your data.

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